Inspired by passion, driven by compassion

DSC professionals provide unwavering and empathetic case management to individuals and families experiencing a crisis. No one should have to navigate uncharted territory alone.
How Derech Shalom Came To Be:

“We are fighting too much.”

That was typically how couples introduced themselves to Rabbi Avi Kahan. With nowhere to turn, they brought forth their stories – their families were breaking apart and they desperately needed help.

They never wanted to be here, but somehow, they got here.

For Rabbi Kahan, it all began as a small favor here and there. Over time, it turned into a daily full-time project. The situations falling at his doorstep were endless. He would work hours, often throughout the night, settling couples’ disputes, watching husbands and wives tear up after handing over the gett, finding couples counselors to enhance communication, working with parents who weren’t on the same page anymore, getting restraining order to protect partners from violence, all while managing couples’ blame and despair. Ultimately, piecing families back together, and paving new paths for those who chose to part ways.

Rabbi Kahan often wondered, “How did we get here? What if we could have stopped this sooner? What if we could salvage these families and individuals before their situation is beyond repair?

That is when The Derech Shalom Center came to be….

Under the guidance of Rabbi Avi Kahan, renowned expert in Jewish divorce law, The Center was created to assist couples going through marital crisis. By offering a variety of preventative services to the family unit, the hope is that families will have access to help and guidance before their homes fall apart and reach the point of no return.

Our Founding Principles


Preserving inner harmony is at the forefront of every decision we make. We take every measure to help our clients navigate crises with minimal complications, holding their hand every step of the way.


We abide by the highest standards of confidentiality, handling each interaction and all information delicately to protect all parties. We make sure that our clients’ personal matters remain just that – personal.


Our skilled professionals are well-versed in the available resources so that our clients don’t have to be. Family life is complicated enough – you don’t need to figure out how to manage your situation entirely on your own.

The Derech
Shalom Vision:

To empower individuals and families with the knowledge and resources they need to successfully resolve personal, interpersonal, and familial crises.

Through open dialogue, destigmatized care, and actionable strategy, we ensure everyone involved has the opportunity for a brighter future.