The world has so many conveniences but life seems more stressful

The Fast Track to Nowhere Nowadays, the most common use of a phone book is to serve as a booster seat for child at the table. Like grocery shopping and trading stocks, finding phone numbers and addresses are simple as a few swipes of a finger. Without a doubt, cell phones and other wonders of […]


Every now and then, we hear a term being tossed around flippantly, while the true meaning of the term is clouded by misconception. “Agunah” is one such example. Today, “agunah” is used to describe the plight of a woman whose husband refuses to grant her a get, or religious bill of divorce. While this is […]

Hate on the Rise

Hate on the Rise    The scene is all too familiar: a religious Jew is walking down the street when someone in a passing car stops to scream antisemitic profanities. If that’s ever happened to you, then you’re well aware of how such an episode can leave you shaking. Unfortunately, many of the attacks are […]

Childhood Trauma and Mental Health Diagnosis Impacts on Marriage

What Previous Issues Impact a Marriage? Take a look at an average elementary school class, and you will see that the children who are kind and considerate have the most friends and are generally most popular. Kids who anger quickly and lash out at those around them are often ostracized, which is not surprising because […]


Shopping for groceries should not be a traumatic experience. But even shoppers who have never paid attention to prices may be unnerved at the prices of food and other household items. In case you haven’t been paying attention to your grocery prices or energy bills, the news headlines are replete with inflation updates and rising […]

What is a Gett

Ever since the Creation of Adam and Chava, marriage has been both a mitzvah and a mainstay of Jewish life. A nuclear family provides a basis of stability and is the best way to raise children in a path of Torah and mitzvos. However, the Torah recognizes that not all marriages succeed, and therefore Judaism […]