Help and healing
every step of the way

DSC is your all-encompassing case management service for all things marriage reconciliation and divorce. Our extensive team of professionals is equipped and ready to help you navigate your next steps.

Derech Shalom Services


Mental health is always a priority

DSC therapists work with clients on an individual and/or couples basis to ensure the mental wellness of every individual. Therapists coalesce into the case management team to guide clients through marriage reconciliation or divorce. Our family-centric perspective assists couples and families affected by issues including unemployment, trauma, and addiction.


Divorce mediation for amicable outcomes

Divorce mediation is the smoothest way of securing a peaceful divorce. A DSC divorce mediator is introduced to couples as a neutral, third-party facilitator who helps them reach a resolution they both agree on.

Legal Guidance

Attorneys who put families first

We refer clients to non-adversarial attorneys when possible, who are skilled in divorce matters and will always drive towards a peaceful resolution. The designated attorney integrates into the case management team to provide clients with a hassle-free experience.

Gett Facilitation

Gerushin matters smoothly resolved

We work hand-in-hand with all parties to facilitate the gett process. We make all gett arrangements with beis din for your convenience.

Financial Guidance

Counseling towards a stronger future

Oftentimes, couples facing marital crises are experiencing financial issues too. Our financial advisors help strengthen families to establish a secure future.

Career Coaching

Guidance for individuals adjusting to a new reality

Career coaching is available to help clients deal with their “new normal.” A DSC career coach helps individuals discover ways to enhance their current careers or guide them on a new path to ensure their family’s financial stability.